Atlas A-Line Ships ELI, ELIJAH and EMMA Line Array Speaker Systems

A-LineGroup-1012Atlas A-Line Acoustics is shipping both the ELI and ELIJAH line array speaker systems, originally debuted at the InfoComm 2012 show.

Atlas says the ELI portable line array system is designed to provide even, high-powered coverage in small to mid-size rooms for acoustic performance or speech applications. This portable line array system consists an EL1503-B full range line array that uses a design consisting of fifteen 3″ drivers and a 10″ enclosure. The ELIJAH portable line array system consists an EJ2003-B full range line array that utilizes a design consisting of twenty 3″ drivers and a 15″ subwoofer enclosure.

The EMMA system is a three-way speaker system designed for use in speech and music reproduction applications for medium to large venues like houses of worship, theaters and concert halls. The system consists of two parts: the EM806A-B, which includes eight 6.5″ high frequency ribbon drivers and eight 6.5″ low/mid frequency drivers, and the EM410A-B, which includes four 10″ subwoofers. Each unit is powered by an integrated class D amplifier with pre-configured DSP.

Here are all the specs.