Atlantic Technology Licenses H-PAS to SpeakerCraft

speakercraft-hpas-0212Atlantic Technology has signed an agreement with SpeakerCraft to collaborate in the development of new loudspeaker systems using Atlantic’s revolutionary H-PAS bass configuration technology. Through application of H-PAS technology, SpeakerCraft will be able to provide its customers with loudspeakers that Atlantic says will deliver deeper and smoother bass in much smaller cabinets than was previously possible.

H-PAS, or Hybrid Pressure Acceleration System, is an enclosure configuration that combines elements of several different speaker architectures — acoustic suspension, bass reflex, inverse horn and transmission line — to produce exceptional bass response and low distortion while utilizing cabinets that are considerably more compact than those of speakers with similar performance.

The H-PAS configuration was originally developed by Philip Clements of Solus/Clements. In 2009, Atlantic Technology assembled a team of audio engineers and computer scientists to create, in collaboration with Clements, a proprietary algorithm that could be used to apply H-PAS to a wide range of enclosure shapes and sizes. In January 2012 the United States Patent and Trademark office issued the first patent on H-PAS enclosure architectures; Atlantic Technology expects to obtain additional patents on the technology in the coming year.

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