Atlantic Technology Debuts SB8 High-Performance Compact Powered Subwoofer

Atlantic Technology has introduced its SB8 compact 125-watt subwoofer as the perfect companion to any home theater speakers, soundbar, or compact music system. Despite its small size, roughly 13x13x11 inches, the SB8 shares the same high-end features found on the company’s top-of-the-line subwoofers.

The SB8’s down-firing design takes advantage of the acoustic benefits of woofer-to-floor acoustic coupling for exceptionally powerful response. This also allows for a compact cabinet size to squeeze into tight spots behind furniture with no concern of its output being muffled. It has a rugged 8-inch long-throw driver with an oversized surround to deliver a low-end extension of 32 Hz (-3 dB) and low bass-harmonic distortion, even at very high output levels.

The SB8 has a high-current, equalized 125-watt amplifier and massive finned heat sink to deliver a solid, muscular sound. Like all Atlantic Technology subwoofers, the SB8 has an adjustable crossover, a crossover bypass setting for use with electronics that have built-in bass management, auto-on signal sensing, phase control and a detachable AC power cord. Proprietary distortion-detection circuitry prevents the SB8 from emitting objectionably distorted sound, regardless of how hard it is pushed. It also has line-level and speaker-level connections that allow it to be used in almost any system.

The Atlantic Technology SB8 is currently available is a gloss black finish with a suggested retail price of $499. Here are the details.