ATK Versacom Excels With Riedel Communications at High-Profile Broadcast Events

ATK Versacom Stadium

Riedel Communications today announced that it showcased its expertise at two recent prestigious global broadcast events in the entertainment industry: a major U.S. music awards show in Los Angeles and a major U.S. championship football game. Collaborating with ATK Versacom, a Clair Global brand, Riedel’s state-of-the-art equipment played a significant role in ensuring flawless communication and seamless operations at these high-profile events.

“We love that Riedel shares our desire to be a pioneer, always looking to advance and surpass limitations,” said Juan Gallardo, Director of Technical Operations at ATK Versacom. “Riedel is a great partner, and its Bolero is hands-down the most desirable product for live productions. Along with the Artist system, it allows us to guarantee reliable communications even in dense, high-capacity deployments.”

At the major U.S. music awards show, ATK Versacom deployed Riedel’s innovative communication equipment with precision. The deployment included three Artist digital matrix intercom nodes, which provided AES3, communications distribution, and a MADI interface to the production trucks. ATK Versacom used 35 SmartPanels to ensure clear and reliable communication among the crew. Riedel’s Bolero wireless intercom system augmented the existing fiber infrastructure with strategic RF coverage, using both 1.9 and 2.4 GHz frequencies to achieve the necessary capacity and density in a spectrum-limited environment. Bolero provided flexible mobility around the venue and allowed all departments to talk seamlessly. The production used more than 100 Bolero wireless intercom beltpacks, 65 over 1.9-GHz and 36 over 2.4-GHz frequencies, with 43 antennas to cover every nook and cranny of the venue, including the suite levels, outdoor areas, and dressing rooms.

ATK Versacom swiftly redeployed the Riedel system for the national football honors and then to a major U.S. championship football game for the widely televised halftime show, taking advantage of the gear’s port deployments shrinking the infrastructure and providing a streamlined compact form factor that makes it adapt readily to different event scales. Using Bolero antennas and an expanded 1.9-GHz spectrum granted by the FCC, the company established a larger, higher-density deployment of beltpacks than is typically possible within a single area.

As one of Riedel’s key partners, ATK Versacom relies on Riedel’s Artist ecosystem due to its versatility and ease of setup. The crosspoints between hardwired and wireless systems, the seamless integration of SmartPanels and beltpacks within the same architecture, and the full duplex communication for safety and clarity make the Riedel solution a winner for the company’s live productions. AES67 support allows for clean distribution of audio signals across the Riedel communications network. ATK Versacom also utilized Riedel’s cutting-edge solutions a few weeks later at a major motion picture award ceremony, further solidifying their partnership and commitment to pushing boundaries in live event production.

“ATK Versacom consistently demonstrates, year after year, that our Artist and Bolero systems make it easy to deploy state-of-the-art communications networks at multiple high-profile events with extremely tight turnarounds,” said Patti Gunnell, VP of Key Accounts, West, Riedel Communications. “ATK’s successful deployment at these two recent high-profile broadcast events further underscores Riedel’s ongoing dedication to innovation and reliability. We remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering exceptional results, regardless of the event’s scale or complexity, reinforcing the trust our customers place in us.”

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