At BroadcastAsia 2020, Interra Systems Boosts Video Quality With Advanced QC, Monitoring, and Analysis

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In today’s highly competitive multiscreen market, service providers need to find ways to streamline content management, improve efficiencies, and provide exceptional audio-video quality on every device. At this year’s virtual BroadcastAsia 2020 show, Interra Systems will demonstrate the power of its world-class content quality control (QC), monitoring, analysis, and classification solutions in delivering a superior quality of experience (QoE) on every screen. Interra Systems’ solutions increase service providers’ flexibility through a software-based architecture that is deployable in the cloud and on-premises.

Quality Assurance and Monitoring Solution for Streaming Media
Interra Systems’ tightly integrated solution for OTT, featuring BATON QC and its ORION monitoring suite, helps ensure that prepared content meets service provider and end-user quality expectations for streaming media. During BroadcastAsia 2020, Interra Systems will demonstrate how broadcasters and service providers can manage advanced quality control, ABR, and HTTP checks for large volumes of VOD, live, and linear monitoring of each stream from content creation to delivery.

Deliver High-Quality Content With the ORION Suite
At BroadcastAsia 2020, Interra Systems will demonstrate its industry-leading, end-to-end monitoring solutions.

For VOD and live-event streaming, Interra Systems will demo ORION-OTT, a leading-edge monitoring solution. The rich feature set offers support for the latest standards in closed captions, ad insertion monitoring, ABR manifest file validation, audio-video checks, real-time alerts, DRM integration, new format supports, enhanced reporting, and much more.

For IP-based delivery infrastructures, Interra Systems offers ORION, a real-time content monitoring solution that provides video analysis of linear channels. New features include support for monitoring of ST2110 SDIoIP streams; custom alerts for Slack, HTTP, etc.; enhancements in SCTE35 monitoring; and more. ORION perfectly complements the company’s OTT offering, looking at all aspects of video streams including closed captions, ad-insertion verification, and quality of service and QoE.

For end-to-end monitoring of channels across the delivery infrastructure, the newly revamped ORION Central Manager (OCM) provides an aggregated view of linear and OTT services based on monitoring data collected by ORION and ORION-OTT with enhanced comprehensive centralized probe management and reports for channel availability and quality.

Enabling quick isolation and fast resolution of issues, OCM helps digital network operations centers perform efficiently so they can deliver content with the highest QoE and meet viewer expectations.

The entire ORION suite, comprising ORION-OTT, ORION, and OCM, is supported on Linux.

Simplify QC Workflows and Create Flexible QC With BATON
This year, BATON has been extensively updated to further simplify and automate the quality control workflow for broadcasters and service providers.

NEW! BATON Captions — Efficient Video Caption Creation and Distribution
Interra Systems will showcase a new captions solution called BATON Captions, which will bring simplicity and cost savings to the creation, management, and delivery of captions for traditional TV, DVDs, and video streaming via cutting-edge machine learning and automatic speech recognition technology.

NEW! BATON LipSync — Solving Critical Lip Sync Issues in Media Content
BATON LipSync is a new automated tool for lip sync detection and verification. The solution leverages machine-learning technology and deep neural networks to automatically detect audio and video sync errors.

Other major updates to BATON include enhancements in the Interoperable Master Format (IMF), 4K and HDR checks, support for the latest Photosensitive epilepsy (PSE) guidelines, enterprise enhancements for cloud support and scaling, new additions to audio language detection, as well as support for the latest formats. Additionally, Interra Systems will demo a vast range of new audio-video checks and display Interra Cloud Services (ICS) — the company’s subscription-based service for automated quality control of file-based content that simplifies and expedites content verification for quality and compliance.

Also, at BroadcastAsia 2020, a new updated version of the company’s BATON Media Player will be showcased. This includes new features such as support to overlay timecode information on video, performance enhancements in J2K playback, the option to export a video clip without re-encoding, improvements in real-time playback, support for playback of growing Material eXchange Format (MXF) files, and many more. In addition, BATON includes support for the VAST format, HDR quality checks, and setup in Amazon cloud and on-premises, as well as improved audio language and caption detection capabilities.

Integrating BATON, the company will showcase an updated version of WINNOW, the company’s award-winning solution for content classification and identification, which allows video service providers to efficiently prepare content for different target markets and geographies. Powered by AI/ML technologies, WINNOW detects and tags content for violence, strong language, alcohol, guns, and more based on user-defined rules.


Analyze and Debug With World-Class Vega Media Analyzer (VMA) Platform
Interra Systems’ VMA is a powerful analysis platform for standards compliance, debugging, and in-depth analysis of encoded streams. Recent updates to the VEGA family include support for all popular video compression and container standards including AV1 format, JPEG format, and ABR streams. Its frame-by-frame analysis of problematic or erroneous streams enables encoder developers and video service providers to identify and fix errors efficiently.