ASL Launches Enchorus Dante-Based Audio Network With Integrated Mixing for Live Stage Deployments

ASL Intercom, a Riedel company, today announced the launch of Enchorus, the Dante-based audio network for AV professionals. Enchorus offers a scalable Dante solution for live stage applications, production studios and other pro-AV installations.

Each of the four modules in the Enchorus series was designed specifically for the stage and guaranteed synchronization even across multiple switches. With various AES3 and analog audio inputs and outputs, the modules are ideal for feeding analog and digital power amplifiers, connecting effects devices in a side rack, monitoring, press feeds and many other uses.

Each Enchorus module is equipped with two Ethernet ports for building redundant network paths or for daisy chaining, an integrated 16×16 mixer, a four-band equalizer on each input and output and redundant power. The modules also include rubber bumpers that allow them to be stacked on stage easily and safely or, as an option, multiple units can be conveniently rack mounted.

The flagship Enchorus ENC 1201 provides eight high-quality mic inputs with a maximum input level of +24 dBu, more than 152dB of dynamic range, a built-in mixing engine and an internal four splitter with individual level, phase and filter settings.

Configuring Enchorus modules is simple and intuitive via an integrated web interface. Units connected to the network can be named and configured easily, all the way down to filter settings and device configurations can be stored, imported and exported to reduce setup time for installations of any size.

Here’s more information.