Ashly Audio Updates AquaControl Software Suite

ashly audio aquacontrol

Ashly Audio has launched the first major update to its new AquaControl software suite. Among the new changes are templates, additional filter types and link groups — and they are all provided free of charge.

The updates include:

  • Template capabilities allow for Mic/Line Input, Stereo Input and Output DSP signal chain configurations to be stored and imported into other AquaControl-capable devices. This allows for successful integration setups to be saved and recalled in future installations.
  • Eight new filter types for crossovers, HPF and LPF have been added to the software, including: Bessel 5th-order (30 decibels/octave), Bessel 6th-order (36 dB/octave), Bessel 7th-order (42 dB/octave), Butterworth 1st-order (6 dB/octave), Butterworth 5th-order (30dB/octave), Butterworth 6th-order (36 dB/octave), Butterworth 7th-order (42 dB/octave) and Linkwitz-Riley 6th-order (36 dB/octave).
  • The Link Groups feature allows users to link DSP functions across channels — a helpful feature when setting up stereo or multizone systems.

To download Ashly Audio’s new AquaControl software or update it, go here: and navigate to the ”downloads” section.