ARX Systems Debuts New Version of USB DI-Q USB-Analogue Interface With Updated Annotation

ARX Systems USB DI Q

ARX Systems debuted a new version of its USB DI-Q USB-Analogue interface, initially designed for the Australian Court System. The USB DI-Q provides an interfacing solution for the secure playback and monitoring of audio files. The new version has an updated front panel for annotation, making it useful for corporate and education applications.  

The USB DI-Q allows the user to monitor and cue audio files in a closed headphone environment and switch/ enable the audio output to a public address/sound system as required. The USB DI-Q can be integrated into the existing AV infrastructure of a building. It also features a transformer-balanced output, providing the isolation required to eliminate earth loops/ground hum and other extraneous noise and distortion.

The USB DI-Q is ideal for interfacing any USB-equipped computer with the balanced inputs of professional sound systems. It is compatible as a generic USB audio device and requires no special driver program installation on Mac OSX or Windows XP versions 7/8/10. It includes a USB-A to USB-B cable.

The front panel features a playback volume control for both headphone and XLR outputs and an “enable audio to room” switch and indicator LED. The rear panel has a type B USB input and an LED status indicator, summed (mono) output XLR with a ground-lift switch and a 6.5mm / 1/4-inch headphone output jack.