Arthur Holm will demonstrate DynamicShare, the future of collaboration in meeting rooms, at booth 11-F135

phpdmizmypmDuring Integrated Systems Europe 2017, Arthur Holm will be demonstrating a real meeting room integration with DynamicShare: a solution to optimise the cabling and the installation where is a need to share soft information, allowing the signal to be distributed and shared through an HDMI loop. Visitors to Arthur Holm’s booth will be able to try and experience all the benefits of this sharing system.

In todays hi-tech world an important goal of a meeting or conference room is to assist with increased efficiency by contributing to faster and improved decision-making, meaning that reliable technology plays a crucial role.

Technology is transforming the traditional meeting and conference room, from a stationary and obtrusive environment, to a dynamic and inspiring centre of activity and innovation.

The place where the future is planned:

A conference room is not only where meetings take place, but a room of opportunities, a place where ideas and creativity can flourish.

A reflection of the corporate identity:

Branding the work environment and understanding the culture creates an important identity. Both the design and the decor of the conference room will influence how people view the company.

At Arthur Holm, technology becomes an integral part of the interior design besides helping attendees to actively participate, collaborate, review, assess, brainstorm and make decisions effectively.

For the user:

The main objective of almost every meeting is to share knowledge between people. Content on individual devices such as laptops and tablets can be shared among all attendees, allowing conversation, information and collaboration to adapt as ideas flow in real time.  This is why meeting spaces should be inspiring, interactive and flexible and these are the advantages that using Dynamicx2Share and Dynamic3Share will provide.

Captivate the audience: The use of individual screens will help maintain focus. It will also benefit meeting room ergonomics (attendees will no longer need to turn their heads uncomfortably to focus on a large central screen).

Create flexible furniture: The double benefit of individual screens (that neatly “disappear” within the furniture) will create a flexible meeting environment able to accommodate varying number of attendees.  The screens and the microphones will appear only when needed, when not in use they are neatly recessed and protected inside the desk. The overall is effect is one streamlined, beautiful integration into the furniture with no visible cables. Moreover, having multiple screens enables flexibility to evolve conversation and ideas; being able to share content from each seat keeps the communication moving and ensures that everyone remains engaged.

Help make decisions better and faster: When participants´ devices are connected, data can be accessed quickly and information will appear in context in real time. Team members will be able to look at their information side by side and compare data from a variety of sources, enabling the team to take decisions faster.

For the system integrator:

Very simple installation

Easy cabling

Space optimisation

Full HD video

High level of security

Software free

Full integration in the retractable/foldable monitor: No need for external devices

For the furniture manufacturer:

Innovative technology

Non-obtrusive technology

Flexible furniture

Very simple cabling system within the furniture