ARTHUR HOLM To Showcase Dynamic1H and DynamicVision at InfoComm

phptttZllAMARTHUR HOLM will be showcasing a special version of its Dynamic3 including double microphone, Dynamic1H and DynamicVision, for the first time in the US market during the next edition of InfoComm.

These products will be on display at the booth n. C11 322 from the next 18 to 20th of June in Las Vegas Convention Center.

Dynamic3 with dual retractable microphone

Dynamic3 is a fully motorized screen which opens, closes and rotates 180 degrees. ARTHUR HOLM is showing a special version during Infocomm which adds double retractable “gooseneck” microphones enabling one monitor to be shared and used by 2 conference’s attendants. Both the screen and the microphones can be independently controlled, offering a totally versatile solution. The system is entirely built in milled anodized aluminum and can be recessed into the table desk, leaving a perfectly clean working surface, thus, enhancing the workspace flexibility.
Dynamic3 in not only unique in terms of aesthetics but also because of its functionality; the screen rises and leans, has an additional 180 degrees rotation movement, and retracts inside the work surface in two different positions,, with the screen oriented up or down.

Two DynamicTalk have been added to this solution, with independent controls to also make the microphones disappear within the desk and providing an internal light which indicates the audio system status. Microphones are safely stored and protected and are only visible when needed.


This new ARTHUR HOLM’s product provides a horizontal motorized movement and the screen is always visible. It raises and it leans within the desk surface and can be stopped at any position between 0 and 80 degrees. A smart memory system will make easy setting up and recalling the desired tilt position. Built entirely of aluminum and finished with a black edged anti-glare glass (which can be turned into a multi-touch screen as an option), it takes a minimum depth. It is ideal for auditorium, reception desks, and meeting, conference and training rooms.

DynamicVision is an amazing motorized wall mount for videoconference cameras, unveiling the camera upon request through RS422, AHnet, Infrared and Contact closer. The front enclosure moves vertically up or down and a tray moves the camera forward simultaneously.

Totally customizable, the front enclosure can be covered with fabric, wall paper and lighter, rigid materials or painted.
Its pre-installation frame is the perfect solution to take away the coordination headache between the system integrator and the architect/interior designers and contractors. It can be installed at any time, pointing out the placement for cables and power and it helps managing the cables and connectors.

All ARTHUR HOLM Dynamic products can be remotely controlled and diagnosed through AHnet, and a special area will be dedicated to demonstrate this easy and practical system, which helps to lower the installations costs in terms of time and equipment, being at the same time a very valuable service tool.

The AHnet solution provides feedback from any ARTHUR HOLM Dynamic device, allowing on site ore remotely located staff to get the status of up to 900 units simultaneously. It eliminates the need for additional power sources or distribution boxes; one cable is enough to individually control each device on the loop.

About the company:
ARTHUR HOLM is a registered brand of ALBIRAL DISPLAY SOLUTIONS. It was created as the result of combining the Scandinavian design tradition with the Mediaterranean creativity and flexibility, and offers a wide range of ingenious products whose designs are based on quality materials and cutting edge technology. ARTHUR HOLM and ABIRAL offer a selection of unique, elegant, versatile, flexible and ergonomic products which are being used in the most prestigious meeting and conference rooms all over the world.