ARTHUR HOLM Launches Horizontally Retracting Mic System

DynamicTalkH-0216ARTHUR HOLM announces the launch of a unique horizontally retracting system for “gooseneck type” microphones during Integrated Systems Europe 2016. This innovative retracting system can be very easily veneered and it provides a minimum depth, being therefore ideal for furniture integration. It allows the microphone to be bent and automatically takes it back to its original horizontal position.

DynamicTalkH not only makes the microphone disappear within the desk surface but it also provides a pleasant interior light to indicate its status. Microphones are safely stored and protected and the meeting and conference rooms become versatile to be used for different purposes.

DynamicTalkH has two different working modes: PA and conference. When in PA mode, a push button that disappears together with the microphone within the desk, allows to activate or de-activate the microphone. The interior light will indicate the status by changing color, from green to red. The microphone will be automatically silenced in retracted position. When in conference mode, the microphone will always be active and both the light and the access to the push button will be available through a connector (GPI/GPO). In this mode, the system is ready to be connected and controlled through a conference system.

DynamicTalkH can be remotely controlled and diagnosable though the AHnet open protocol. More information is here.