Arthur Holm Inspiring and flexible communication technology

Dynamic3 is a unique monitor, not only in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of functionality; the screen rises and leans, has an additional 180° rotation movement, and retracts neatly inside the work surface in two different positions with the monitor oriented up or down. The optional touchscreen can be used in a completely flat position, flush with the work surface. These monitors are available in 15″, 17″ & 19″ & 22″, in semi-automatic and fully motorised versions. Their sophisticated electronics automatically detect the screen position, orienting the image accordingly. If the sensors detect resistance, the movement is stopped to protect the user. The screen’s lifting system automatically activates the elevation of a tary that can also be used to neatly keep a keyboard and mouse. This version integrates DynamicShare, a HDMI signal selection and distribution system.

A HDMI retractable cable has been integrated into the monitor´s cover plate, allowing users to connect their own devices, select the desired input and share it then to the rest of the screens connected to the loop. It is a cable optimisation and an easy integration solution, allowing the display of Full HD, zero latency video signals with total security and reliability.