artholm-dynamic1h-0115ARTHUR HOLM will unveil two new motorized monitor products at ISE next month in the form of the DYNAMIC1H TALK and DYNAMICNAMETAG.

The DYNAMIC1H TALK is a motorized, foldable and “unfoldable” monitor, where the screen is always visible. It is constructed with milled aluminum and the multi-touch screen is covered with a protective, edge-to-edge glass. DYNAMIC1H TALK provides a horizontal motorized movement which can be manually or automatically (through programmable memory) set at any angle from 0 to 80 degrees — depending on the viewing angel and height of the presenter. A DynamicTalk microphone set is included so that the microphone can disappear within the desk surface and appear when needed. A round LED light-ring indicates the microphone’s operational mode by changing color from red to green. Compatible with conference systems, this solution can be customized with simultaneous interpretation and electronic voting as well as be used as a stand-alone podium set.

The DYNAMICNAMETAG, is basically a giant name-tag in the form of a digital signage solution that’s basically a double-sided, vertically retractable monitor integrated with a Linux-based OS. Two screens are placed back to back in a compact, anodized aluminum frame, allowing the display of different information on each side, thus, the side facing the audience can, for example, show the picture and name of the conference participant sitting behind the monitor, while the other side can display the presentation content for the participant.

All the details are here.