Arthur Holm Debuts New DB2 Retractable Monitor

arthur-holm-db2-1116Arthur Holm’s DB2 is a new retractable monitor range that creates minimum impact on the furniture design as it’s only 20 mm thin (0.78”). Designed to be easy to integrate, intuitive to use (one aligned aluminum button) and almost invisible (no cover plate) when not in operation, the DB2 are purpose-built to be discreetly integrated into the meeting room table, disappearing within the desk with a completely silent drive motor.

Completely designed and furnished in anodized aluminum, the range offers a minimal and contemporary look. Aluminum is a durable surface; it is extremely resilient and it also serves to dissipate heat, plus the anodized finish provides a soft, silky effect. Arthur Holm says that the front double anti-reflection glass protects the screen, reduces the “mirror” effect, increases the contrast and allows for natural transparent colors.

DB2 is powered with a low consumption video controller and has a new easy to read Interactive Set-Up Display (ISD) 2.2” LCD. This allows local and remote configuration, operation and troubleshooting without having to remove the monitor from the furniture. The AHnet (RS-422) communication protocol has been updated and now includes the remote control of the monitor’s brightness, contrast and backlight.

When connected to the AH ERT interface the assisted addressing system enables address configuration (by simply pressing a button). It includes an Autocheck feature for auto diagnostic and internal protection functions as well as embedded speed and protection pre-sets (enabling a rapid reset to factory values if required) and a USB port for local firmware upgrade.

This new product range is available in 17.3” and in 21.5” both with 1920×1080 resolution with two DVI HDCP-compliant inputs. Detailed specs are here.