Artcoustic Launches New Line of Home Cinema Speakers

Spitfire 0210

Artcoustic has introduced a new speaker designed for Spitfire-0210what they say is professional studio and high-end home cinema applications. The new speaker, the Spitfire 4-2-1,  claims to have reference pressure levels with a maximum output of 122 dB in a form factor that is less 7.5” deep. Each loudspeaker is sold with the Artcoustic PA-1800 power amp, which when tri-amped supposedly delivers 1800W per speaker (Artcoustive told rAVe that the 4-2-1 can actually be bi-amped, too).

The Spitfire 4-2-1 will list for $4460 (includes both the speaker and the AMP and you can get all the specs at: