ARISTA Corporation Announces New Dante-equipped Stage Boxes

arista corporation e vocal stage series

ARISTA Corporation has announced the E-Vocal ARS-1616S-A00 and ARS-1616S-A10 multiple channel analog input and analog output Dante-equipped stage boxes. These stand-alone units — the size of a 3U rackmount enclosure — are designed to connect as many as 16 analog microphones and other audio sources and then feed a mixing console via Dante using a single Ethernet cable, streamlining stage setups for live performers.

The ARS-1616S Series Stage boxes are available in two versions: the ARS-1616S-A10 incorporates -8 dB to 34 dB preamp gain control with Phantom Power while the ARS-1616S-A00 does not and would require a separate preamp. In addition to their ability to convert 16 analog audio sources to a Dante stream, the ARS-1616S Stage boxes can also convert a Dante stream into 16 channels of analog output signals. In other words, the units are designed to transfer 16 audio channels over a Dante network in both directions. Equally notable, two etherCON connectors (Dante Primary/Secondary) are available for redundant operation when using two separate networks. For mission-critical operation requirements, dual AC input and dual PoE power sources are available for redundant operation, thus ensuring the most dependable and reliable functionality.

The ARISTA E-Vocal ARS-1616S-A00 and ARS-1616S-A10 stage boxes support up to 96-kilohertz sampling rates and 24-bit resolution. The ARS-1616S-A10 also incorporates a mute function for the 16 inputs while the ARS-1616S-A00 does not. These portable interface units are designed to facilitate placement onstage either horizontally or vertically, providing integration and the ability to endure harsh live performance environments. For operational ease-of-use, parameters such as sampling frequency, channel routing or latency settings can be made via the free “Dante Controller” computer application.

The E-Vocal ARS-1616S-A00 and ARS-1616S-A10 Stage boxes will ship in Q3, 2020.