ArcShine M18FCs light up “Numbers on the Board” Podcast Studio

Screen Shot 2024 02 16 at 10.18.03 AM

Eastern Lighting Design has completed the lighting design and installation for the new Chicago-based studio of the sports podcast “Numbers on the Board,” hosted by Kenny Beecham and produced by Omaha Productions. The project involved 11 PROLIGHTS ArcShine M18FC fixtures, transforming a standard office space into a dynamic, visually engaging broadcast studio.

“Numbers on the Board” combines in-depth NBA analysis with lively discussions, creating an accessible and engaging atmosphere for its audience. The design aim was to cultivate a studio environment that supports high-quality broadcast requirements while ensuring the space is optimally lit for video production.

The Eastern Lighting Design team addressed this challenge by integrating PROLIGHTS ArcShine M18FC fixtures, renowned for their versatility and high-quality output. “The ArcShine M18FCs enabled us to realize a studio environment that is both visually compelling and conducive to the engaging discussions characteristic of ‘Numbers on the Board,'” remarked the design team. The fixtures’ placement was optimized to enhance the set’s aesthetic elements and ensure that focus remains on the hosts and their dialogues.

The PROLIGHTS ArcShine M18FC fixtures provided the necessary luminance to accentuate the studio’s features with white light, maintaining the visual integrity of the broadcast and contributing to the podcast’s warm, inviting atmosphere. This implementation not only aligns with the podcast’s content strategy but also elevates the visual experience for viewers, reinforcing the studio’s role as a central hub for insightful basketball discussions.