Aquantia New FPGA Programmable PHY Means We Will See Smaller Video-Over-IP Products Using AptoVision Technology


Aquantia is a high-speed Ethernet connectivity chip company and they have partnered with AptoVision to build a single-chip solution for video-over-IP on a 10GBASE-T infrastructure. The combination of Aquantia’s AQcite FPGA-programmable Multi-Gigabit Ethernet PHY with AptoVision’s BlueRiver technology means that we will soon see smaller products for sending video and audio over Ethernet. Right now, the only option for manufacturers is to take a programmable Xilinx chip and use the AptoVision IP and program a video-over-IP system — resulting in a system where most companies using the AptoVision technology (like ZeeVee and DVIGear) have two chips in their processors — now this single-chip solution will be smaller.

The AQcite product line, and specifically the AQLX107 can be used to transmit true 4K60 (4:4:4 at 8-bit video with some compression) video across off-the-shelf 10G Ethernet networks and standard CatX cable.