AptoVision BlueRiver NT+ Technology Powers VuWall VSIP-4K Encoder/Decoder

vsip-0516AptoVision, a pioneer of game-changing AV chipset technology, announced today that VuWall, a developer of world-class video wall management software, has selected AptoVision BlueRiver NT+ technology to power its VSIP-4K encoder/decoder, the company’s first branded AV distribution hardware product.

The VuWall VSIP-4K, which runs on the AptoVision BlueRiver NT+ platform, enables the distribution of uncompressed 4K video and audio over off-the-shelf IP-switches with no latency. By using standard 10GbE hardware prevalent in IT networks, its architecture is readily scalable, easy to deploy, and provides very high reliability. VSIP is based on transmitters and receivers and enables the extension, switching, and compositing of real-time uncompressed 4K signals. It also facilitates management and control of VuWall video walls.

”AptoVision technology brings a lot of flexibility in the way AV signals are distributed without compromising on the quality of the signals,” said Paul Vander Plaetse, president, VuWall. “Making sure the AV signals remain unaltered by the distribution over networks is AptoVision’s specialty. VuWall’s TRx software brings simplicity in the way those signals are managed and distributed, even in the most complex deployments.”

“Since its founding, VuWall has been at the forefront of the AV over IP trend, and this partnership is indicative of pro AV’s future,” said Justin Kennington, director of strategic and technical marketing. “Our BlueRiver technology continues to get a lot of attention among pro AV gear manufacturers for its ability deliver uncompressed 4K video over IP with zero latency.”

AptoVision is here.