AptoVision Claims World’s First AVB Capable Chipset for Uncompressed AV Signal Distribution

aptovision-blueriver-1214AptoVision has announced Ethernet AVB protocol support for its new BlueRiver NT chipset, which AptoVision says is the first and only AVB capable chipset for distribution of uncompressed AV signals over 10GbE switches.

In addition to having an AVB capable transport layer, the BlueRiver NT chipset delivers a complete end-to-end solution for professional audio-video (ProAV) applications. Such applications require long distance transmission and switching of 4K HDMI video, analog & digital audio, RS232, IR, GbE and USB signals while expecting plug-and-play, interoperable operation between device types, signal types and video resolutions.

In installations requiring traffic shaping and bandwidth reservation, AVB (Audio-Video Bridging) enables a platform where uncompressed video data and non-video data can be transmitted over a LAN environment with predictable performance.

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