April 2nd and 3rd, San Piero a Sieve: K-day 2014

php4VuAsgPM“Today we are in San Piero a Sieve, headquarters of K-array, for K-day 2014, a two-day event dedicated to our clients, partners and anyone who wishes to get to know better the products we have presented at the two most recent exhibitions, ISE and PL+S. The event was organised jointly by K-array and us from Exhibo, retailers of the brand in Italy. Guests are watching presentations and demos, but having them here is useful for us as well as for K-array, to tell them who we are, the philosophy behind our products and, in more general terms, behind the K-array project. It is also the right occasion to solidify the K-family, to create a true synergistic relationship between system designers and system users as well as to promote the meeting of users, perhaps to give rise to new collaborations”. Edoardo Ravelli, K-array’s Product Manager in Exhibo, summed up the event.
Ravelli was obviously in Firenze, for the K-day. The two-day event was opened with a welcome from Massimo Ferrati, K-array’s CEO, who told the history and the evolution of the company. He was followed by Graziano Somaschini, responsible for the Professional Business Unit of Exhibo, who talked about the cooperation between the two companies, sustained by a shared propensity for innovation, challenges and quality. The microphone was then passed on to Francesco Maffei, K-array’s Product Specialist, who introduced the more technical part: a focus on the Concert Series, born out of the wish to offer light, compact, transportable systems there are also powerful and have excellent emission quality… Everyone’s dream, a dream that K-array has concretely brought to life. Francesco also talked about a new K-array portal, almost ready, dedicated to users: it will provide technical information but, first and foremost, a platform for the exchange of products and ideas. The last lecture of the day was that of Klaus Hauserr, known by many who have met him behind the scenes of the major international events, and new K-array collaborator for the Concert Series. Although the true star of the day was the brand-new KH8, whose first details are beginning to be glimpsed… And as any respectable star, it is preparing for its début, expected for the upcoming months.
Thursday was the prerogative of the Install Sound and Portable Sound series: to listen, for technical sessions, to get to know better these solutions in use, in particular the upgrades of Anakonda, KZ12 and KT2 presented in the first months of 2014, and hands-on sessions.
There plenty of conviviality moments on Wednesday evening, to entertain guests: a sturdy aperitif, a Tuscan dinner and plenty of good live music… Obviously amplified by K-array speakers.

But the last word about the K-day came from attendees: Zerpelloni, of Musical Box, user of the brand and co-protagonist, with K-array, of the spectacular installation at the Verona Arena, which we described a few months ago in our weekly newsletters: “We feel very close to K-array’s philosophy. We are here to learn more about the technical subjects, but also to get to know and to meet again colleagues and other users. We were very stricken by the innovativeness of KH8, not only regarding its base idea but also its mechanics, but in general we enjoyed the entire event, for the information it provided and for how it was organised”.
A similar opinion was given by Paolo Firulli, of International Sound: “The days of the event were very well structured, and our experience of the K-day was more than positive. We really like K-array’s approach, reinforced by the new KH8 which we hope we can see on the road very soon. What we see in K-array is always a strong wish to innovate, to risk, to improve… And great dynamism”.