Apogee Sound Announces New Linear Array Column Speaker

The Apogee ALA-C1 is a passive two-way, indoor/outdoor, 70-volt/8-ohm, linear array column loudspeaker designed for speech enhancement and music reproduction in small and medium-sized public spaces such as school and civic auditoriums, small theaters, lecture halls and houses of worship.

The ALA-C1’s line source array is comprised of nine 4-inch mid/woofers in a line source configuration and six 1-inch tweeters precisely placed on a glass-filled polypropylene bridge. The design offers extremely broad horizontal dispersion (140-degrees) and focused vertical dispersion (25-degrees) — ideal for uniform side-to-side coverage while minimizing ceiling and floor reflections that could degrade intelligibility.

The 4-inch mid/woofer drivers use aluminum alloy diaphragms with a low viscosity ferro-magnetic liquid suspension in place of the usual distortion-inducing mechanical spider. The surrounds are a polymer amalgam that is impervious to salt, fertilizers, chlorine, UV, temperature extremes and the other environmental elements that destroy typical rubber surrounds. Likewise, the tweeter domes are also metal alloy diaphragms with the same suspension technology as the mid/woofers. These technologies account for the low distortion, high definition sound of the ALA-C1 across a wide temperature range, as well as the ability to withstand many years of outdoor exposure.

With a system sensitivity of 93dB (1 watt at 1 meter), the ALA-C1 achieves high SPL (116dB continuous, 119dB peak at 1 meter) with even modestly powered amplifiers. At the same time the robust components delivers high power handling (400 watts continuous, 800 watts peak) and rock solid reliability.

The enclosure and grille frame are constructed from 6061-T6 extruded aluminum alloy, with internal ribs to virtually eliminate enclosure resonance. The finish is a UV resistant powder coat. The speaker is available in either black or white, or can be painted to match the surrounding décor.

The built-in multi-tap autoformer offers five power levels 8-watt, 16-watt, 32-watt, 64-watt and 128-watt with 70-volt operation, plus 8-ohm bypass for use with low impedance amplifiers.

A vertically adjustable, color-matched ball joint wall-mounting bracket with safety cable is supplied with the speaker. The ALA-C1 is here.