Apex Technologies Introduces Apex Power Hub

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Apex Technologies introduced a way to monitor and control Apex’s suite of power products remotely. Instead of rolling trucks to a job site when power issues arise within a networked AV system, integrators can access the new Apex Power Hub to identify and remedy problems from the convenience of a single graphical user interface. From performing a simple reboot of a single device to an entire system, the Power Hub enables immediate resolution from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

The compact Power Hub monitors and controls rack-mounted and large-format voltage regulating double-conversion/online uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), as well as a new IP addressable Power Distribution Unit (PDU) manufactured by GUDE Systems and available to U.S. integrator exclusively from Apex. The Power Hub minimizes downtime of AV systems by sending integrators an email and/or SMS text when any UPS goes into an alarm state or when a PDU’s internal sensor trips. The Power Hub also indicates when it’s time to replace batteries in UPSes.

The Power Hub is not just a single-point interface for multiple products; it integrates a “sequencing engine” that allows for automation routines spanning multiple PDUs and UPSes. Sequencing can involve simple one-button POWER UP or POWER DOWN commands, or conditional logic based on measured current or environmental state. Automation parameters can be programmed into the Power Hub via the web, precluding the need for an onsite programmer or special proprietary software. The Power Hub also integrates easily with third-party automation systems.

The Power Hub gives integrators secure remote access to their systems through the Apex Portal and delivers its full web-based feature set on a local network. Integrators can also use the Power Hub to collect data from multiple devices on the network (all Innovolt or 360Power Quality UPSes and GUDE PDUs). The aggregated information reveals a complete power quality picture of individual branch circuits and the overall system. To ensure proper installation, configuration and utilization of the Power Hub, Apex Technologies’ team of custom integration-focused technicians are available to assist.