AOPEN’S New DEV5400 Players Compatible with Quividi Analytics Platform

AOPEN and Quividi have partnered to offer a Quividi-compatible solution on the newest line of AOPEN products. The AOPEN DEV5400 has been tested by Quividi to ensure the full capabilities of Quividi’s VidiReports software – for measuring a digital signage audience and contextualizing communications for visual retail and DOOH.

The DEV5400 is a compact solution designed for AI-enabled digital signage applications. The DEV5400 is the second AOPEN product to be optimized for the Quividi analytics platform – the first was the AOPEN DE3450. The Quividi-compatible AOPEN DE3450 supports 4K2K H265 10-bit content playback, with a secure network environment for commercial business.

Quividi provides a privacy protecting computer-vision technology that helps screen networks, retailers and brands measure their communication strategies on digital signage screens. Quividi’s solutions enhance the customer journey with smart, contextual, content, turning digital signage into a powerful medium for brands to boost engagement and sales.

AOPEN and Quividi is exhibiting at Digital Signage Expo 2019 (Las Vegas, 27-28 March). AOPEN is here while Quividi is here.