AOPEN Introduces Range of Industrial Open-Frame Displays

aopen open frame displays

AOPEN just debuted a range of industrial open-frame displays for various industrial applications. The open frames of AOPEN come with an IP65 dust- and waterproof grade that is built to “withstand harsh conditions while maintaining optimal display quality.”

The display panel has been crafted using tempered safety glass to ensure longevity and is resistant to shattering. Additionally, an anti-fingerprint coating on the glass panel helps minimize smudges and keeps the display looking immaculate and clear.

In addition, the open frames have IK08 rating, which means that they can be impacted by 1.7kg mass being dropped from 300mm. This makes the open frames from AOPEN a “suitable choice for high-traffic areas or locations where the display panel may be exposed to accidental bumps or impacts.”

The six different kinds of open frame models and formats from AOPEN:

  • DT10VW3-O : 10 inch
  • DT15VW3-O : 15 inch
  • DT21VW2-O : 21 inch
  • DT24VW2-O : 24 inch
  • DT27VW3-O : 27 inch
  • DT3239 : 32 inch

They can be mounted in both landscape or portrait mode.