AOPEN Partners With DISE to Pre-Install Digital Signage Content

aopen-dise-0515DISE International AB has in cooperation with AOPEN created digital signage player software especially tailored for the AOPEN MEP320 and AOPEN DE6140, which will now come pre-installed on these devices. These products cover a broad range of installations and scenarios, from low to high-end.

AOPEN MEP320 is an Android-based media player that includes the new DISE product package called “DISE Smart.” DISE Smart is designed for customers needing an affordable solution that can display basic content but not lose advanced features of a digital signage system.

AOPEN DE6140 is a Windows-based signage player that includes the new DISE product package called “DISE Premium.” This product is intended for customers interested in advanced content with a lot of simultaneous, dynamic messages. This signage player is suitable for video walls, synchronized messages and interactive presentations.

The products are running through a cloud-based interface but are also supported with DISE Composer for those who wants higher freedom and add their own unique templates and content, tickers and other file formats. The products are delivered as software as a service (SaaS).

Here are the details.