Antioch Baptist Church North Partners With PureLink to ‘Transform’ Its Worship Environment

PureLink x Antioch Baptist

Antioch Baptist Church North in Georgia, stands as a testament to unwavering faith and resilience. With a rich history dating back to the 19th century, this historic landmark has witnessed remarkable growth, evolving from a small group in a humble basement to a thriving congregation of fourteen thousand members. As the church flourished, so did the need to enhance its audio and video systems, ensuring a “captivating worship experience for all.” This is the story of how PureLink merged technology and spirituality to “transform” Antioch Church’s worship environment.

Antioch Church leadership, recognizing the importance of reliable audio and video systems, sought the assistance of AEE Productions, an AV solutions company “renowned for its problem-solving abilities.” Mark Howard, AEE Productions’ vice president of operations, spearheaded the design process, leveraging his 27 years of experience. The challenge was clear: to find a solution that would accommodate Antioch Church’s sprawling multi-level sanctuary and distribute AV signals over long distances.

After research, Antioch Church and AEE Productions turned to PureLink, which is known for its AV-over-IP solutions, matrix switchers, control systems and distribution products. PureLink’s PureStream line, comprising encoders, decoders and network switches, emerged as the ideal choice due to its reliability and quality. Along with many other industry innovations PureLink holds, AEE was also impressed with PureLink’s industry-first AV-over-IP purpose-built network switches, which ensure “fast and reliable installation and operation.” With confidence in PureLink’s capabilities, the stage was set for a transformative implementation.

PureLink’s VIP-300H-U, an AV-over-IP solution, was selected for its plug-and-play installation. Leveraging either fiber or category cable connectivity, Antioch Church opted for category cable to align with its specific requirements. Additionally, PureLink incorporated fiber interlinks between two PureLink-exclusive VIP-NET-2404PP-1G network switches to ensure “robust and efficient” signal transmission. The simplicity of setup “astounded” the installation team as they swiftly configured multiple VIP-300H-U transmitters to separate output stream channels, aligning each receiver with its corresponding signal. The result? An AV-over-IP extension system that “went online effortlessly, providing uninterrupted and seamless operation.”

To complement the core AV-over-IP solution, additional PureLink equipment was deployed within Antioch Church’s sanctuary control room. The SX-8800 HDMI 2.0 UHD 4K 8×8 seamless matrix switch and the UHD2-140 distribution amplifier empowered the church’s tech team with video and audio switching capabilities. Preset automation, made possible by PureLink’s iCON-10W single gang 10-key touchpad, facilitated “quick and effortless” routing of signals to the sanctuary’s four grand projection screens and confidence monitors.

Mark Howard, VP of operations at AEE Productions, emphasized the pivotal role of reliability in the decision to embrace PureLink’s AV-over-IP, matrix switches and control solutions. He highlighted the ease of installation and operation, underscoring the peace of mind that stemmed from having access to knowledgeable tech support when needed. AEE Productions, having witnessed the reliability, performance and ease of setup, embraced PureLink’s solutions, integrating them as a standard offering.

Antioch Church’s journey of revitalizing its audio and video systems, powered by PureLink’s cutting-edge solutions, serves as an “inspiring narrative” that “unites faith and technology.” More specifically, this account stands as a paradigmatic example for churches facing the challenge of enriching their worship experiences to accommodate the needs of a burgeoning congregation. By integrating PureLink’s AV-over-IP solutions, matrix switchers, and control systems, the Antioch Church transformed its worship environment into an immersive experience that “captivates the hearts and minds of its ever-growing congregation.” As faith and technology continue to intersect, PureLink remains a steadfast partner, empowering houses of worship to meet the needs of its growing numbers and deliver divine messages.