Announcing New 1 Beyond Automate™ Multi-Camera Media Processing Solutions

Boston, MA – March 6, 2019 – 1 Beyond, Inc., a leading manufacturer of automated camera and video systems, announces its newest product line — 1 Beyond Automate™ multi-camera media processing solutions for streaming, recording and video conferencing.

Triggered by voice or simple selectable scenarios, the Automate product line automates camera motion and switching in addition to providing multi-window compositing and titling for meetings, conferences, panel discussions, lecture capture, distance learning and corporate training.

The new Automate family replaces the previous 1 Beyond Collaborate AVS and Automate RCS systems and software. The family of Automate solutions features four bundles which each include PTZ cameras, a powerful multi-media processing system, and useful accessories.
• Automate VX and Automate VX Pro solutions use the microphones in the room to identify the active speaker and provide voice-activated switching (VX) of the camera views.
• Automate Select and Automate Select Pro solutions provide selectable, customized layouts with automated camera control for different presentation scenarios.

“We have been recognized as having the most advanced Video Conferencing and Lecture Capture technology and now with 4 camera functions [power, setup, control and configuration] over 1 Ethernet cable, we are the easiest to install.” says Terry Cullen, 1 Beyond CEO and Founder.

1 Beyond Automate solutions are easy to design into rooms of different sizes and layouts. Room presets can be saved for spaces that are divisible or have multiple furniture configurations. Up to 7 cameras can be positioned anywhere.

Built into all Automate solutions is a powerful multimedia processor that combines multiple video and content sources and supports superimposed titles and custom graphics. A graphical user interface allows for design of any layout, not just picture-in-picture or side-by-side. In addition to a broadcast quality output for conferencing, Automate solutions have a built-in encoder and recorder to enable multiple live streams, program recording and ISO recording.

Voice-activated switching in Automate VX configurations is currently supported for Shure Microflex Advance (MXA910, MXA310) microphones and Shure Discussion Microphones (MXCW, MXC, DDS 5900 and DCS 6000). In addition, multiple types of microphones can be used with either the Shure P300 or Shure SCM820-DAN.

1 Beyond Automate Select bundle is $9,595 and 1 Beyond Automate VX bundle is $12,995. These standard bundles include a 3-input processing system and two PTZ-S20 cameras plus accessories. The Pro upgrade of each has 7 inputs, double the storage and includes IP cameras for power, setup, control and configuration over Ethernet.