Angekis Introduces New Cameras, New Technology at ISE 2023

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Angekis Technology’s appearance at ISE 2023 was met with great fanfare as the company launched brand new products, gave live demonstrations of their existing lineup, and previewed a whole new line of Smart PTZ Cameras.

Highlights from the show include the release of 4 new cameras:

Saber AT: 20x Zoom PTZ Camera with onboard Autotracking
Saber 4K+: Upgraded Saber 4K with 80° FOV and 60fps
Saber U20: New Entry Level Saber with 20x Zoom and Power over USB
Blade VS+: Upgraded Blade VS with HDMI and Power over USB

ISE 2023 also featured a hands-on preview of the Angekis Martel: a 4K 60fps Smart PTZ Camera with Autotracking, Voice Tracking, and Autoframing – 3 Intelligent Features in One Camera. The camera’s prototype was revealed at the show, where attendees could get hands on with the casing and familiar with the upcoming product’s features.

“Thank you all again for a wonderful show. We are proud to bring onboard autotracking to the Saber Series with the Saber AT, release a new entry level Saber U20, upgrade our flagship Saber 4K+ and our entry level Blade VS+, and introduce the Angekis Martel Series to the world. We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona for ISE 2024!”