Analog Way Announces QuickVu, a Tri-Scaler Mixer / Switcher

visuel1-7107-1113Analog Way’s new QuickVu is a Mixer / Seamless Switcher with three built-in scalers. QuickVu is based on Analog Way’s new Midra platform and includes eight seamless-switching inputs and 14 source ports: 4x universal analog, 4x DVI-D, 4x HDMI and 2x 3G-SDI. According to Analog Way, a feature called CleanCut allows it to switch between each of the 14 inputs without fade through black or loss of sync. And, EDID signal management is enabled for inputs 1-6.

To fit any display resolution, QuickVu offers custom output format management, with a main layer fully resizable and that can be positioned anywhere (this would, for example, allow you to use the output in a Christie MicroTiles system where it’s not a contiguous configuration).

Here are all the specs.