Analog Way Debuts LiveCore Output Expander

LiveCoreOutputExpander-0514Analog Way’s new LiveCore Output Expander adds four outputs (plus one monitoring output) to the SmartMatriX Ultra, Ascender 32 and Ascender 48. Although not officially unveiled until InfoComm next month, here is what we know:

Based on the LiveCore platform, the SmartMatriX Ultra, Ascender 32 and Ascender 48 are 12×4 + 1 systems designed for advanced presentations in the staging or integration environment. For applications requiring a larger number of outputs, the LiveCore Output Expander will provide up to four additional outputs, plus one monitoring output.

The LiveCore comes in in three different references: LOE016 with 16 scalers embedded for the SmartMatriX Ultra; LOE032 with 32 scalers for the Ascender 32; and LOE048 with 48 scalers for the Ascender 48. Ethernet and link cables will be provided with the LiveCore Output Expander. Once linked to its LiveCore Switcher, outputs are shared and added resulting in a 12×8 + 2 scaled Matrix system.

One unique feature is that the LiveCore Output Expander models offer a downgrade mode providing higher flexibility in the management of rental stock. For example, a LOE048 is capable of being linked with a SmartMatriX Ultra or an Ascender 32.

Analog Way will start shipping the LiveCore Output Expander in July 2014. When it’s on the company’s website, it will be here.