AMX Intros New Enova DGX 100

amx-enova-0215At Integrated Systems Europe, AMX has launched its next generation in Enova DGX Digital Media Switchers, the 100 Series, adding 4K/Ultra-High Definition (UHD) support more audio support and what they are calling a simplified configuration and setup.

The new 100 Series includes four models: the DGX 800 (8×8), DGX 1600 (16×16), DGX 3200 (32×32) and DGX 6400 (64×64) – they are practically identical in features. AMX says that there new audio support includes breakaway/switching and a 10-band parametric EQ per output. They also said they’ve changed their control software to simplify it’s configuration including an on-board web configuration tool. Integrators now have a web configurator that can launched from a laptop or tablet to speed up the installation process. And to cut configuration time further, DGX 100’s automatically and instantly auto-discover all connected DXLink devices no matter how far away.

Here are all the technical details on the new series.