AMX by HARMAN Provides Affordable HTML5- Based Control of SVSI Systems with N-Touch Panels

phpRv8mILAMLAS VEGAS—AMX by HARMAN is furthering its commitment to providing simple, cost-effective control solutions for a variety of markets by announcing new 7” AMX N-Touch Panels. This update to the AMX N-Series panels brings a larger touch screen and improved hardware design. The panels, which are available in 7” tabletop or wall-mount options, are based upon the Modero® S Series hardware design, and allow users to easily add a control interface to AMX SVSI® Networked AV systems. Each touch panel combines a high-quality user interface and controller into a single unit, enabling economical user control of SVSI devices in a variety of spaces.

With only a 7″ N-Touch tabletop or wall-mount panel, users can control all aspects of an SVSI product over the network, including changing which video content is shown on a screen, changing windowing processor presets or starting and stopping recordings. The panels can also control source and display devices connected to the RS-232 and IR ports built into the SVSI encoders and decoders.

“The 7″ N-Touch panels include everything needed to create an easy-to-use control surface,” says Paul Krizan, Product Manager for Networked AV at HARMAN Professional Solutions. “The panel has a touchscreen for the user interface, a control processor with simple, yet flexible, scripting for control of network-based devices, and built-in design tools that programmers can access with a web browser.” Once logged into the touch panel via a web browser, the programmer can create a user interface by dragging-and-dropping buttons onto a blank touch panel screen. These buttons can trigger scripts built via drop-down menus, or the programmer can extend their functionality through Javascript programming.

“One great feature of the N-Touch panels is that the panel pages are rendered using HTML5,” Krizan explains. “The built-in web server on the N-Touch provides the user interface for the panel, and it can also serve up a UI to mobile devices.” This enables applications where users can control the environment from their phone or tablet simply by browsing to the web page for the touch panel. This can be easily done by providing a QR code in the room or on the panel. “The panel can also have pages designed specifically for mobile devices, allowing for different button layouts or functionality when operated from a tablet or smartphone,” adds Krizan.

The look and feel of the new N-Touch hardware is based upon the popular AMX Modero S Series Touch Panels, providing the same award-winning industrial design, SmoothTouch™ technology and brilliant full-color display. The N-Touch panels also support all of the versatile mounting options of the Modero S Series. This allows users to install a wall mount panel using the included back-box, or use an accessory mount kit to mount the panel to glass, standard single- and dual-gang boxes or equipment racks. “The new N-Touch panels are a great addition to our lineup of touch panels,” says Shaun Robinson, Director of Solutions and Marketing for HARMAN Professional Solutions. “These new panels provide an attractive option for applications where users need an affordable solution to control AMX SVSI devices.”

The AMX N-Touch panels are expected to be released in July 2016.

Additional Details

HARMAN is demonstrating the AMX N-Touch tabletop and wall mount panels in Booth #N805 at InfoComm 2016. For further details, we invite you to visit these online resources:

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