AMX Adds Signal Switching and Routing With AutoPatch Acquisition

This squarely pits AMX against Extron.  AutoPatch, second only to Extron in the matrix routing and switching market, now has the resources of a GIANT behind it in AMX!   This is a BIG deal!  Congratulations to AMX on a great, strategic move.

But, is this is a bigger deal for Crestron than for Extron?  Crestron has been slowly getting into the matrix switching market via their QuickMedia product line – but not as fast as AMX just did.  The acquisition of AutoPatch is a brilliant move for AMX and one that will have a ripple effect on the entire switching, signal routing and control system market for years.

The news release:

AMX announced the company has acquired AutoPatch, which manufactures AV signal switching and distribution equipment. AutoPatch has more than 4,000 products distributed around the world, according to the release, and targets 14 vertical markets – markets that are shared by AMX.

AutoPatch has been in business more than 18 years. The product line ranges from standard to expandable semi-modular and custom-configurable matrix switchers. Solutions can route and distribute composite and/or component video, High Definition Television (HDTV), Standard Definition Serial Digital Interface (SD-SDI), High Definition Serial Digital Interface (HD-SDI) and Digital Visual Interface (DVI), as well as mono, stereo and digital audio. The company’s products communicate over coax, Cat 5 cable or fiber and span configurations from as small as 4×4 to as large as 256×256. AutoPatch switchers are found in all of AMX’s key vertical markets, including business, government, education and residential.

AutoPatch will be fully integrated into AMX, and all current AutoPatch employees will now become AMX employees. AMX has formed a new group called the AutoPatch Group which will focus on further market and product development. AutoPatch’s individual product families will maintain their original model names.

The existing AMX sales force will take responsibility for selling AutoPatch products in their territories. All current AutoPatch dealers who are not AMX dealers will be contacted immediately by their respective regional AMX sales representative to tell them about the AMX dealer establishment process. AutoPatch dealers who are also AMX current dealers will experience no change in their relationship or ordering process with AMX. AMX customers will continue to place product orders and request technical support through the same procedures. 

 AutoPatch is the second company acquired by AMX this quarter. Last month, the company purchased UK-based Endeleo for its multimedia distribution technologies and in-house expertise.