AMX Acquires Matrix Audio Designs

AMX enters the multi-room distributed audio distribution market with the company’s acquisition last week of Matrix Audio Designs. The Matrix Audio Controller line includes two product families – the Delta Series and the Mi Series. The Delta Series is billed as an affordable, multi-zone audio distribution system that can control and distribute audio from as many as six sources and up to six zones. The Mi Series is a customizable system available in four and eight source varieties and can support up to 64 zones. Both product families integrate an audio controller, switcher and amplifier in one device. The Mi Series offers optional Audio Zone Expanders to increase the number of zones in which to distribute audio.

AMX says Matrix will be fully integrated into AMX and Matrix products can be programmed and designed using AMX’s VisualArchitect software and Duet modules, which can be downloaded on The products will also be added to AMX’s Whole Home and Home Theater System Design Libraries (SDLs).

According to the announcement, all current Matrix Audio employees are part of a new AMX team called the Matrix Audio Group, which will focus on market and product development of multi-room audio solutions.