Amate Audio Ships All-new Premium Commercial Audio Loudspeaker

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G7 redefines levels of performance and efficiency achievable in a compact Commercial Audio design

Amate Audio S.L. Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain, 29 December 2020. G7, Amate Audio’s all-new, premium Commercial Audio loudspeaker, is rolling off the production line and shipping to customers; in time for the start of the new year.

G7 is a ground-up, fully in-house, development to create a truly dedicated Commercial Audio compact injection-mould design, able to match or exceed the performance levels of larger wooden loudspeaker cabinets. A 2-way system within an EN54-24 certifiable, hexagonal-form, reinforced ABS plastic enclosure, the G7 is as striking in appearance as it is crystal clear, articulate and musical sounding. Not to mention powerful. Continuous program power handling and output capabilities are rated at 120 W and 112 dB SPL, and a full-frequency response means that the G7 can be deployed without the need for sub bass reinforcement.

Over several years, Amate Audio has secured a worldwide niche demand in music and hospitality install applications, where high performance and operational efficiencies of its premium, self-powered, self-processing loudspeaker systems have found favour. In pitching for mainstream Commercial Audio success, the company has eschewed prevailing market trends, in offering a distinctively premium product with a comparatively competitive price tag.

Vice President and Chief Technical Officer Joan Amate states, “G7 was conceived from the outset to disprove the assumption that ‘premium’ necessarily equates with a premium price tag. In developing a compelling proposition for the largest scale Commercial Audio applications, we understood we had to develop something distinct, in relation to market expectations. As well as something consistent with and representative of our hi-end brand values.”

As a starting point the company designed its own injection mould, integrating an advanced internal acoustic architecture, within a compact enclosure with a distinctly aesthetic hexagonal form factor. A proprietary 6.5 inch carbon-fibre woofer delivers performance characteristics equivalent to a normal 8-inch driver. And this is matched with a 1” titanium dome, neodymium tweeter and an HF phase plug and flare assembly, providing exceptionally linear response and high reliability. Premium components and engineering, throughout, extends to the aluminium grille and hardware, and outdoor ready construction. The cabinet design incorporates a recessed connector panel with ergonomic protective cover and integrated mounts for the supplied U-bracket wall-mount. Recessed screw sockets enable installation with Amate Audio’s SP-6N dual-axis wall-mount.

G7 was also conceived with practical and operational efficiencies, for contractors and integrators very much in mind. With its high power handling, output and full-frequency response, significantly less cabinets are required for any installation, while still operating well within their range of capability, with more than sufficient residual headroom.

G7 provides a single SKU for both low impedance and 100V line applications, while eliminating the need for any redundant circuitry and associated weight in the cabinet; readily facilitating optional or mixed installations without increased stockholding. An easy-to swap-out optional rear connector plate provides the 100V line circuitry, with switchable 5 W / 10 W / 20 W / 40 W power settings. Additionally, with its 16 ohm impedance rating, the G7 can reduce any requirement for 100V line in smaller and medium installations with the ability to power 16 loudspeakers from a suitably power rated single 2-channel amplifier.

Amate Audio G7 is available in white, black and titanium

Affirming the significance of the G7 to Amate Audio, in offering the Commercial Audio market a distinct alternative to the wider mass market loudspeaker product, Head of Sales Jordi Amate says, “We could never have come to this market with a similar looking, equivalent performance product, with that already in considerable over supply from far eastern manufacturers.

“In G7 we have something else, something more. Something that ultimately allows installers to offer a better customer experience. And that, for sure, represents the highest quality and performance to price ratio achieved with a plastic cabinet.”