Altinex Debuts Neutron MT322-105 and MT322-107 Power Distribution Cards for the MT302-201 Digital MultiTasker

altinex-power-0816Altinex just introduce the MT322-105 and MT322-107 power distribution cards for use with its MT302-201 Digital MultiTasker. Both units distribute AC power from a single AC source to multiple AC outlets. With these one-in, three-out AC power distribution cards, the outlets can be connected to any type of audio/video equipment. And both cards have built-in current measuring circuits to detect load levels. The value of these loads may be read over the IP port and an alarm can be triggered when power is exceeded.

The MT322-105 contains an IEC male connector for the AC supply input and standard NEMA 5-15R power receptacles for the three outputs. Built in sensors alert the user by flashing the LEDs when the load exceeds 9.5 Amp as well as a warning message over the IP port when the current draw approaches the maximum 10.5-amp limit. The MT322-107 international version contains one IEC male connector for the AC power supply input and three IEC 320 female outlets. With this model, sensors alert the user when the load exceeds 8.5 amps and a warning message is sent over the IP port when the current draw approaches the maximum 10-amp limit. Both cards have safety provisions that cause the cards to automatically start turning outlets off should the system approach maximum power draw. A message informing the user that outputs are being shutdown is sent to the MT302-201 Digital MultiTasker’s IP port.

Both the MT322-105 and MT322-107 are able to turn audio/video equipment on or off in a sequential order and the time delay between switching is also programmable from 0-50 seconds. The threshold level for the on/off detect feature is adjustable to accommodate different loads and determine when AV equipment is on or off.

Here are the specs.