Altinex Expands Cable Nook Product Line with CNK202

Altinex has just introduced the CNK202 Cable Nook Modular Tabletop Interconnect Box, the company’s latest addition to its Cable Nook product line. The CNK202 Cable Nook provides a way of hiding and storing multimedia cables and fixed connectors.

The new CNK202 has no mounting brackets. This feature enables integrators to install the unit from the top of the table. With the new CNK202, there are no longer adjustments to be made on the underside of the table with mounting brackets, enabling integrators to save their lower backs while minimizing the time required to install the new Cable Nook.

The Modular Cable-Nook uses a trapdoor-type, half-moon lid that remains flush with the table when not in use. To access the cables or connectors, users simply lift the lid and pull the ends out, or plug cables into any installed fixed connectors. The lid closes easily, even with several cables in use. After the presentation, the cable ends are returned to the Cable-Nook for safe storage.

Cables feed through the Cable-Nook to the underside of the table, enabling connection to the presentation system. The weight of the cables helps to feed the slack through the unit and the cable ends are kept from falling by a special adjustable retaining bracket. This retaining bracket uses rounded edges to prevent kinking and is adjustable to both height and depth. With the unit’s modular configuration, there is room for numerous connectors. The CNK202 offers 23 slots available for power, grommets, retaining brackets or Altinex CNK-IP Insert Plates. Available plates include ones for power (both domestic and international versions), models for snap-in ports, HDMI video and more.

The $320 CNK202 can accommodate up to six cable retractors using separate retractor mounting brackets. These RT300 Series retractors come in different varieties and can accommodate VGA, HDMI, RJ-45, 3.5 millimeter, USB and USB-C formats. For applications requiring power and USB charging, Altinex offers the CNK-IP-200 UL listed dual power plug with dual USB charging ports. This unit, combined with the mounting plate, provides an ideal combination of connectors for most conference room applications.

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