Altinex Expands Digital MultiTasker Product Line With MT302-121

Altinex has expanded its Digital Multitasker product line with the debut of the MT302-121 Digital MultiTasker. The MT302-121 supports up to 12 Digital MultiTasker cards and is equipped with two Ethernet ports, an IR receiver/IR blaster, and an LCD front panel. Control is accomplished through a computer, a control system or any device capable of establishing a standard TCP socket to the MT302-121’s IP address.

With its capacity for accommodating 12 Digital MultiTasker cards, this enclosure has several cards available for use with the system. These include the MT312-104 Control Card, the MT305-804 8×4 HDMI Matrix Switcher, the MT315-101 HDMI Over Anywire Transmit Card, the MT315-102 HDMI Over Anywire Receive Card, the MT317-101 HDMI Over Fiber Optic Transmit Card, the MT317-102 HDMI Over Fiber Optic Receive Card and the MT310-104 16×16 Stereo Audio Matrix Switcher.

The new Altinex MT302-121 Digital Multitasker lists for $1,425 and the system cards range in price from $180.00 — $950.00. Here are all the tech details.