Altinex Intros the MT302-201 Digital MultiTasker

altinex-multitasker-0616Altinex will introduce the new MT302-201 Digital Multitasked at InfoComm next week. The MT302-201 Digital Multitasker is a 4-RU, rack mountable chassis that allows for input and output modules — it has 20-slots. Thus, the MT302-201 supports up to 20 Digital MultiTasker cards and is equipped with two Ethernet ports, an IR receiver/IR blaster and an LCD front panel — and can be controlled via wireless or worried network, a control system or any device capable of establishing a standard TCP socket to the MT302-201’s IP address.

The unit’s front panel has an LCD to display essential information about the system and the cards installed — including the IP address of the MultiTasker on the network. The MultiTasker utilizes a simple ASCII based command set to control the individual cards installed inside the enclosure. Individual cards are referenced using their slot number as a unique identifier.

As the foundation for as many as 20 Digital MultiTasker cards, this enclosure has several cutting edge cards available for use with the system. These include the MT312-104 Control Card, the MT305-804 8×4 HDMI Matrix Switcher, the MT315-101 HDMI Over Anywire Transmit Card, the MT315-102 HDMI Over Anywire Receive Card, the MT317-101 HDMI Over Fiber Optic Transmit Card, the MT317-102 HDMI Over Fiber Optic Receive Card and the MT310-104 16×16 Stereo Audio Matrix Switcher. Additional options for the system include the MT399-101 Enclosure Rack-Mount Bracket Kit and the MT399-105 5-Piece Multitasker Card Slot Blanks for creating a clean, streamlined appearance over unused / open slots.

The new Altinex MT302-201 Digital Multitasked lists for $2800.00 and here are the specs.