Altinex Debuts HDMI Signal Generator, Analyzer and Cable Tester


By Maria Ocampo

AV systems are chock full of audio, video and control equipment. One of the challenges installers face today is troubleshooting and resolving video difficulties. HDMI video signals present a special challenge, as a combination of different equipment, cables, extenders, converters and switchers create an interoperability nightmare. To combat this challenge, Altinex Inc. developed a tool that provides field technicians with objective evidence that newly installed AV systems with HDMI capability are indeed performing correctly and meeting desired specifications. This tool is the portable TE460-137 three-in-one HDMI Signal Generator, HDMI Analyzer and HDMI Cable Tester.

The TE460-137 offers audio/visual installers and consultants more convenience in testing and verifying all aspects of an HDMI signal path, including verification of all sources (laptops, computers, cameras) and sinks (displays, projectors, video conferencing equipment). With its palm-sized design, the TE460-137 was engineered with portability in mind and efficiency in testing and verifying compliance with HDMI specification, regardless of what is used between system inputs and outputs. The TE460-137 supports HDMI signals with 18Gbps (600MHz) 4K UHD resolution and can scale output from 4K to 1080p to accommodate a wide range of displays.

The TE460-137 can generate and analyze HDMI 2.0a and HDCP 1.4 and 2.2 HDMI video signals to comply with the latest HDMI and HDCP standard. Powerful EDID features enable saving multiple EDID settings from different displays and simulate the saved EDID data to determine HDMI source compatibility. For equipment that allows EDID writing, the TE460-137 can write a saved EDID file into selected HDMI inputs.

The TE460-137 can be connected in-line at any point of the HDMI signal path and monitor it for signal integrity. The generator can act as a display to verify that the system provides a correct signal to the display, a source to determine if inputs are configured properly, or a diagnostic tool between inputs and outputs to determine a system’s overall health. For cable testing, the TE460-137 quickly identifies if any wire is broken and then performs a full bandwidth test to verify signal integrity. Cable integrity can be analyzed for an extended period to determine lost pockets or to find intermittent cabling.

The TE460-137 comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, a USB charging cable with power supply that powers the unit and recharges the battery, an HDMI cable for testing purposes, and a hard-plastic travel case. The unit can be configured to auto turn-off to minimize battery drainage. With a single charge, the TE460-137 will operate for four hours. In this presentation, installers and consultants get everything they need to confidently test and certify HDMI cables, extenders, switchers, displays and sources.

To help you to start using the TE460-137 right away, Altinex recorded a forty-minute webinar covering many features of the HDMI Signal Generator/Tester/Analyzer. Once you get familiar with the TE460-137, you will be able to quickly pinpoint system problems and resolve them in no time. Altinex’s core mission is to design, build, sell, and support innovative solutions that are easy to use, easy to install, and easy to maintain for our customers worldwide. The TE460-137 is the perfect embodiment of products that Altinex strives to make and that users can trust.

To watch the webinar coverage on YouTube, click here.

The Altinex TE460-137 HDMI Generator and Analyzer is now available with a MSRP price of $595. Free shipping is available through

Maria Ocampo is a graduate of the college of business, majoring in communications at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va. and manages Altinex social media presence. Reach her at