Altinex Announces VP500-103 High Resolution Media Player

altinex-VP500-0316Altinex’s new VP500-103 Media Player is designed for meeting rooms, lecture halls and presentation environments. The VP500-103 includes a 500 MB USB flash and selectable NTSC/PAL or HD output resolutions.

The VP500-103 can also accommodate SD, SDHC and MMC memory cards. The VP500-103 supports a variety of file formats including MPEG1 for 480p or 720p video playback as well as MPEG2 for 1080i or 1080p video content. Additionally, the unit offers support for multiple still image formats, including JPG, BMP, PNG and GIF — making it quick and easy to incorporate one’s company or school logo for display purposes. In addition to video content, the VP500-103 can also play audio files, including MPR, WMA and WAV file formats.

The new Altinex VP500-103 is designed for ‘idle image’ playback. Upon power up, the VP500-103 player automatically plays a default track and continuously loops that track until a new track selection is made using the included handheld remote control. The default track loops seamlessly from the end to the beginning without any artifacts in between. This track can be a fixed image (such as a company logo) that is continuously displayed or a video file that plays in a loop. And with its HDMI video output, the VP500-103 provides stunning picture and sound quality over a single cable.

Here are all the specs.