Altinex Adds USB-C Connectors to Table Top Interconnect Boxes

Altinex has announced three new USB Type C connectivity products for use with the company’s Tilt ‘N Plug, Pop ‘N Plug and Cable Nook interconnect boxes. USB Type C started on MacBook computer but has since been adopted by Dell, Microsoft, Samsung and HP.

The new Altinex CM11380 incorporates a USB Type C (socket) connector to a USB Type A (plug) connector in a 6-foot cable assembly designed for Keystone snap-in compatibility. The CM11380 allows fort charging or data access when used, for example, with the Altinex TNP128 interconnect box.

The Altinex CM11381 is a USB Type C (socket) connector to USB Type A (plug) 6-foot cable assembly with full support for the USB 3.0 specification. The panel mount USB Type C cable is mounted into any D-sub location. Altinex’ online table top configurators are now offering this cable for units’ customization. Like the Altinex CM11380, the new CM11381 supports the USB 3.0 specification.

Designed for use with the Altinex CNK200, CNK221 and TNP530 interconnect boxes in addition to stand-alone applications, the new RT300-160 is designed for managing USB Type C cables. Designed to provide optimum performance, the RT300-160 supports USB 2.0 and has 4 feet of retractable cable and 4 feet of fixed length cable. The cable and the retractor have been tested to over 10,000 extensions/retractions. Here are the specs.