Altia Systems Ships Panoramic PanaCast Conferencing

Altia Systems is now shipping the PanaCast ExperiencPanacast-0413e for desktop and mobile device multi-point communications. PanaCast delivers an immersive, real-time, 200-degree panoramic video experience with up to 60 fps and HD audio to anyone, anywhere with an Internet connection. Even at 3G wireless speeds, PanaCast enables Panoramic-HD video quality and always includes enterprise-level video encryption.

Each remote participant (using the free PanaCast app) can choose her own individual perspective from the stationary camera’s real-time panoramic video stream with the swipe of a finger (or zooming in and out with a finger pinch/spread).

The PanaCast system is not only fully portable, but also offers usability through its integration of both NFC and QR code technology. This makes creating and joining a videoconference session as easy as touching a smartphone to the top of the camera or scanning the QR code.

Altia Systems’ PanaCast experience is created through the integration of the panoramic — HD video camera-server, a real-time Cloud switch fabric and free apps.

The camera works with both Skype and Google Hangouts as well as other business applications, or it can be bundled with the cloud-based PanaCast service (in the U.S., starting at an introductory price of $19/month per user).

Here are the details: