Almo Professional A/V Adds BrightSign Options to Its Digital Signage Services

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Almo Professional A/V announced it has added BrightSign Training, Programming and Onboarding to Almo Digital Signage Services. By including these services, integrators can expand their range of expertise for AV projects, streamline services through one provider and enjoy the benefits of offering services such as new projects and recurring revenue.

Coordinated through Almo’s regionally focused Service Development Managers, partners can now “purchase” the following services as part of Almo’s Digital Signage Creative and Hosting Managed Services:

  • BrightSign Basic Training
  • Player Configuration
  • Basic and Advanced Onboarding & Concierge Service
  • Advanced BrightAuthor Programming

According to Todd Heberlein, business development manager, Almo Professional A/V, “Digital signage installations are ramping up again primarily due to the need for public facilities to communicate health and safety protocols.” He continued, “Our integrators can select and purchase these services just as they would the hardware and software products. Then they have the ability to offer this expertise to their clients without having to hire the expertise in-house — and the training can take place in conjunction with the installations. The end result is expanded business and new revenue streams.”

“Almo has the experience required to make this possible having worked with BrightSign products for years,” said Jeff Hastings, CEO of BrightSign. “By offering the training, programming and onboarding as part of its well-established managed services model, Almo integrators can easily expand their range of AV projects and allow their clients to do more with their digital signage installs.”

All BrightSign training is conducted via web or phone/screen-share using the BrightAuthor software.

  • BrightSign Basic Training: Overview of concepts for digital signage and BrightAuthor.
  • Player Configuration: Configure BrightSign players according to end user network, player location and BrightAuthor communication method.
  • Basic Onboarding & Concierge Service: Almo to handle the basic presentation and media player setup and provide training on day-to-day content management for basic content needs, such as slide shows, videos, live TV zones and simple RSS tickers.
  • Advanced Onboarding & Concierge Service: An enhancement to the Basic Onboarding & Concierge and Player Configuration services. Designed for projects with a scope of work that includes advanced integrations such as video walls, synchronized playlists, emergency messaging and third party content.
  • Advanced BrightAuthor Programming: Includes everything from interactive playlist development, control system integration to touch display interaction, custom scripts and much more.
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Almo’s Digital Signage Service for BrightSign is managed by the appropriate Service Development Manager Team member.