Almo ProAV Named Exclusive U.S. Distributor for iMAGsystems AV-Over-IP Products

Almo ProAV has been named the exclusive U.S. distributor for iMAGsystems, a Melbourne, Australia-based manufacturer of AV over IP delivery products. iMAGsystems is showcasing its complete product line of AIR wireless, LIGHTNING (SDVoE), RAIN H.264 and THUNDER (JPEG2000) during the exhibit portion of the next E4 AV Tour, coming to Nashville on October 26.

“Thanks to our partnership with iMAGsystems, we are able to bring an SDVoE Alliance manufacturer to our partners with an expertly-created line of products that cover all of the existing AV over IP protocols,” explained Sam Taylor, executive vice president and COO for Almo Professional A/V. “iMAGsystems has extensive knowledge from years of development work, resulting in a deep understanding of the technologies involved in delivering high-resolution AV over standard IP networks. This standard is a topic that we will delve into during the keynote session at the E4 AV Tour in Nashville later this month.”

Watch this interview about the Almo Pro AV and iMAGsystems distribution relationship, as discussed on the E4 AV Boston tour stop last month.

“Our exclusive distribution relationship will help keep the channel clean while holding the most profitable margins for our partners,” noted Taylor. “Brian Rhatigan, director of business development for Almo ProAV, will serve as the iMAGsystems lead BDM contact for technical, design and installation support.”

“We wanted iMAGsystems to be represented by a distributor not only capable of technically supporting our products but also with a personalized approach to distribution,” explained Gerry Raffaut, CEO of iMAGsystems. “We did not want the line to be lost amongst hundreds of other product lines. Our AV over IP products align well with Almo’s strategy for this emerging technology. Almo’s nationwide reach and highly-respected position in the Pro AV distribution space make this company perfect for our line.”

About the iMAGsystems Products

AIR Wireless: AIR is a unique wireless presentation device offering the functionality of a wireless BYOD presenter, VGA and HDMI connectivity, and automated display control making it a one-box solution for many meeting environments. Designed for that ’80 percent’ of the presentation market, AIR minimizes presenter confusion, by reducing the complexity, operation and installation in today’s small meeting spaces.

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LIGHTNING (SDVoE): LIGHTNING is an AV over IP solution delivering uncompressed zero-latency HDMI video signals at up to 4K resolution using a standard Ethernet infrastructure. Based on the award-winning SDVoE chipset, LIGHTNING is one of the highest-performing AV over IP products on the market today. Unique to LIGHTNING is its software control platform Director, which brings new IoT tools to the integrator. Monitor health of the system, garner analytical insights, and even create touch panel GUI pages with control. LIGHTNING’s expansive video processing engine provides high resolution video wall creation and its multi-view feature allows compositing of up to 32 images.

RAIN H.264: RAIN is the most flexible AV over IP system for enterprise deployments. Utilizing H.264 codec, RAIN delivers AV over IP over any existing network infrastructure thanks to its variable low bandwidth requirements of under 30Mbs per stream. RAIN’s flexible H.264 video stream means it can be decoded by software players like VLC or ingested natively into certain displays or recording systems. The flexibility of low bandwidth H.264, together with its high video performance make it an ideal choice for hospitality and higher education environments where the effects of latency are not a factor.

THUNDER (JPEG2000): THUNDER is an AV over IP solution using JPEG2000 for 1Gb networks. Designed from the ground up for Pro AV applications, THUNDER delivers on the promise of simplified AV over IP. It covers multiple uses, handles nearly all video resolutions used in Pro AV and caters to mixed use of 4K and 1080p displays, automatically downscaling 4K sources to maximize compatibility with older 1080p displays. It’s built-in video wall feature provides in-sync video up to 16×16 with bezel correction.

iMAG systems is here and, of course, Almo ProAV is here.