almo-fullycharged-0315The two upcoming stops on the Almo Pro A/V E4 AV Tour include Chicago and downtown Los Angeles and this is a must-see show for anyone in those two areas.


Almo’s E4 AV Tour is unlike any other distributor’s regional show — that’s a fact. It’s not just glitz and glamor, claims of “first-evers” or “best one-day” event, it’s truly a mini-tradeshow that’s surrounded — all day — with InfoComm CTS RU-certified education. No other regional show can claim that. None. In fact, there are more hours of educational seminars than show hours — and, again, all of it is InfoComm CTS RU qualified.

And, now, it’s the first distributor show to include Certified HDBaseT Alliance training – this is the deficit-way to understand HDBaseT technology, products and AV signal distribution techniques.

For the past few years, I have been part of it all — so I am saying this with pure confidence as I have attended every single Almo ProAV E4 Tour – as their keynote speaker. And, for the Chicago and LA events, I will be presenting one of my most popular presentations ever: Being Smart About Smart Buildings

What’s it about? Well, audiovisual technology has virtually always been an afterthought or a retrofit in facility management. When a new building is added to a corporate campus or a new lecture hall is specified on a college campus, the architect generates schematics that include the design of the structure itself, but also layers every single thing that will be installed including power, network, lighting, HVAC, fire and security. And, until recently, there was no accommodation or incentive to add an AV layer — but that’s all about to change. As AV has become a fixture in nearly every facility on the planet over the past decade, there’s been a push to integrate AV into the Building Information Management (BIM) layer.

As you all know, AV has arrived.

We have finally hit the mainstream and crossed the chasm from early adopter to early majority and we’re about to be specified by every architect and facility manager on the planet. And, if you want to be part of the impending explosive growth that’s about to occur with pre-engineering the AV into every room in new construction, you’ll need to learn all about smart building technology yourself so that you can become a preferred provider to the architect or facility manager.

I am hopeful you will attend but, if you can’t, we will document it all here (on our Almo Pro A/V E4 AV Tour website).