Almo ProAV Enters Exclusive Distribution Partnership with Nonstop

Almo ProAV today announced its dedicated Hospitality Division has entered an exclusive distribution partnership with Nonstop, manufacturer of customizable wireless charging products for hotel properties. As a result of the partnership, Nonstop’s designer-like Station W and Station C alarm clock/wireless charging solutions are now available through Almo.

Here’s a Nonstop Blog, which focuses on educational information as it pertains to wireless charging trends for hoteliers and resellers.

According to Stephen McKay, senior vice president, Special Markets, Almo Professional AV, “This cohesive partnership enables Nonstop to focus on continual new product development and driving end user demand with hospitality flags and hotel designers while Almo focuses on logistics and serving resellers in bringing the product to market. This proven approach enables both organizations to maximize efficiencies and facilitate growth with a solid foundation and synergized relationship.”

“Wireless charging is one of the hottest tech trends in hospitality, and it’s really taken off since last year’s announcement by Apple that new iPhones would adopt Qi, the open interface platform for wireless charging supported by Android and others,” explained Apryl Lamberti, director of business development Hospitality, Almo Professional A/V. “Nonstop’s CEO, Neil Betterton, a seasoned hospitality industry business leader, and Matt Paprocki, an award-winning consumer electronics designer both bring extensive knowledge of the latest technology trends combined with decades of experience in the hospitality space.”

“First and foremost, we are a product design and development company,” said Neil Betterton, Nonstop co-founder and CEO. “Our goal is to build winning products and get them to market most effectively and efficiently. By partnering with Almo – a proven hospitality distributor with a vast reseller network – we have a key piece in place to support Nonstop’s rapid growth strategy.” He added, “We chose Almo because we’ve seen what they can do, we have a great relationship with their team, and because they are invested in our success.”

Eric Christiansen, managing partner at Knitec, Inc., a hospitality reseller said, “Nonstop is the right product at precisely the right time, which is why we chose to be a preferred Nonstop reseller partner.” He added, “We are confident that Nonstop’s unique alarm clock and wireless charging solutions will leave guests pleasantly surprised with high-tech conveniences that they’ll enjoy on their next stay, and that’s what our clients count on to drive to loyalty rates.”

Here are the Nonstop products.