Almo ProAV Becomes a U.S. Distributor for Listen Technologies

award-Listen-0713Almo Pro A/V is now the first U.S. AV distributor to offer Listen Technologies’ full line of core Assistive Listening Systems, including RF and IR technologies. These products were created specifically to provide an enhanced personal audio experience due to hearing loss or the ambient acoustic environment. As part of the new distribution relationship, Almo is hosting a live webinar on assistive listening and ADA compliance led by Listen Technologies on Tuesday, July 1. Additionally, Listen Technologies has joined Almo’s traveling E4 AV Tour as both an exhibitor and a presenter.

Almo now carries the following products from Listen Technologies:

  • Stationary RF: Allows wireless audio to be transmitted from a fixed-base transmitter to portable receivers like a private radio station. RF technology works indoors or outdoors for assistive listening, language interpretation, audio description or multi-channel audio distribution applications.
  • Portable RF: The perfect solution for mobile tour groups, assistive listening and language interpretation applications. A microphone simply plugs into a compact body pack transmitter and wirelessly broadcasts the speaker’s voice to the intended audience.
  • Stationary IR: Secure sound transmission that wirelessly transmits audio from a sound source to portable receivers each with earphones and controls. The big difference: privacy. Infrared technology uses a form of invisible light to transmit sound. As light is contained within a room, the presentation or conversation is kept within the confines of that space. IR is a great choice when a number of adjacent rooms make RF frequency allocation impractical.
  • Digital IR: With up to 32 simultaneous channels, digital IR makes it easy to communicate in more advanced, demanding settings. It includes pre-configured systems, transmitters, radiators and receivers that fit into different types of applications.
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More information on Almo is here.