Alfalite Announces UHD Finepix AlfaCOB Fixed Install LED Panels

alfalite uhd finepix alfacob

Alfalite announced its UHD Finepix AlfaCOB fixed installation LED panels with pixel pitch from 0.6 to 1.8mm. Alfalite says they are a completely new mechanical and electronic design of their predecessors, Alfalite UHD Finepix. The company says new AlfaCOB protection give these modules a longer lifetime (>100,000 hours), a lower failure rate (PFR<5 PPM/year), a better horizontal and vertical viewing angle of 175 degrees, as well as higher contrast, colorimetry and image uniformity. LED panels with AlfaCOB technology have better anti-static electrical protection (ESD > 10kV), too, and improved thermal dissipation parameters with resistance to impact (>=10Kg), liquids (>=IP65), chemical and fire (UL94-0 compliance) ratings. In addition, they have anti-reflection properties.

The Alfalite UHD Finepix AlfaCOB solution is designed for markets and environments such as Control Rooms (crisis cabinets, emergency rooms), Broadcast, & VP XR (TV sets and film sets), Corporate (boardrooms and conference rooms, lobbies), Entertainment (museums, fairgrounds, congresses) and Digital Art (AlfaArt solution, luxury residential, large corporations) with a need for fine-pitch (microleds or stacking).

The new panels also offer a host of features that enhance picture quality, including 1,500 cd/m2 nits brightness, 7,680 Hz frame rate, 25,000:1 contrast and 16:9 aspect ratio. Other features include Smart TV – All in One Media Player, AI Voice Remote Control, One Click and Reach (X Mirror Control System) and touch screen.